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Air Jamaica offered world-class experience for over three decades, serving Jamaica to the world. At its peak, the airline served numerous destinations in North America, stretching both coasts, several in Europe and all around the Caribbean. Jamaica’s flag carrier was sadly purchased by Trinidad and Tobago’s Caribbean Airline in 2011. Air Jamaica was absorbed and the brand eliminated in 2015. This project is my homage to Air Jamaica and my take on representing what possible contemporary marketing of the defunct airline’s brand and service.

Gold, orange, pink and blue were the four distinct colours that made up the Air Jamaica livery since the late 1990s. In this rendition,the shades are slightly darker in tone and richer in saturation, following the highly colour saturated branding we see in today’s graphics and advertising.

The pattern is an extract from one of the linoleum blocks used in the previous project. The resulting motif so happens to be a very small section of London Heathrow Airport, which turns out to be one of Air Jamaica’s prime destinations.


The airline last operated this route from Kingston and Montego Bay with their Airbus A340-300s which they dubbed Atlantic Limousines.  The sewn aspect of this project consists of a hand-made silk cabin pillow and eye mask, a canvas amenity kit pouch, and a pre-made shirt with the iconic Air Jamaica hummingbird embroidered on the chest.

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